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Workshop: How to talk to your IT staff…

organised by RIGHT
Hamburg, DE
Organized by Johan Daniel Lawaetz-Stiftung and HAW

Many ICT (Information and Communication Technology) and “Digitalization” projects fail due to misunderstood und unclear requirements. And while “Digitalization” means that the whole organisation needs to change, the methodical competence of the non-ICT staff has to be extended.

This training aims to enable the non-IT staff to define actively their own requirements to applications, processes and systems and to reduce the communication gap between business staff and ICT staff. The idea is to substitute a “cut interface” by an “overlapping interface”. 

The concept of this trainings is proved for 10 years in academic and professional trainings and seminars. It is suitable for heavyweight processes with fixed requirements as well as for lightweight processes in uncertain customer centric environments. The concept can be extended with aspects of agile project work, if necessary.

Possible Workshop formats:

  • 3-4 hrs introduction
  • 1d introduction and exercises
  • 2d introduction and extended exercises
  • Project coaching: 1d introduction + some 1/2d workshops, depending on complexity
  • Train the trainer concept

The workshop can be provided in German or English.

Learning outcome:

Outcomes for learners:

  • Competences for defining requirements and communication about requirements
  • Self-consciousness for project work and communication with internal and external ICT suppliers

Outcomes for SME's:

  • Competences in communication with internal and external ICT suppliers
  • Reflection about “Digitalization”
  • increasing methodological competences for the “Digitalization” process

Other outcomes: team building if organised as an internal project coaching