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Workshop: New gadgets – do they matter?

organised by RIGHT
Hamburg, DE
Organized by Johan Daniel Lawaetz-Stiftung and HAW

“Digitalization” means that Information and Communication Technology (ICT) changes business processes and market rules. In the flood of new technical products and ideas it is difficult for a non-IT company to assess which technologies will be relevant in the future for the own business.

The concept of this workshop is to start reflection processes about the future importance of new technologies for the own business. Participants will learn about the diffusion of technology in the market and their influence on business processes. Also participants will learn to assess the influence of new technologies on their own business model.

The concept of this trainings is successfully applied for 2 years in the German “Competence Centre Digitalization for SMEs” in Hamburg (

Possible Workshop format:

  • Typical format: ½ day
  • Train-the-trainer format

The workshop can be provided in German or English.

Learning outcome:

Outcomes for learners:

  • Competences in the assessment of ICTs on the own business model
  • Discussions with other participants expand the own “horizon”

Outcomes for SME's:

  • Competences in the assessment of ICTs on the own business model