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Pilot: Port introduction game + port Pro/port Academy

organised by RIGHT
01 April 2019 - 31 March 2021
Antwerp, BE
Organized by Port center Antwerp
  1. Port introduction game

We make young people aware of job opportunities in the Port of Antwerp (POA) area or let them know study fields that lead to jobs in the POA region. 

There is a mismatch in the Antwerp port region between job opportunities and the available workforce or with the great group of unemployed young people in the region of the POA.

With this intro we create awareness of the function of the port in the daily lives of young people, by letting them discover the path of products they use in their daily lives, like sport shoes, cars, food and smart phones.  From raw materials to production over logistics to their living room: most of the time they have no idea how this works, and what role the port companies (industrial, logistics, maritime,…) play in this world wide chain. By finding out these connections themselves, they do.

A second exercise they do is building their own port, using the cards from the first exercise. It is a simple, economic game that lets them feel how different sectors work together in a port.

A third exercise focuses on the jobs in the port, based on the other two. Which jobs do the things that need to be done in the flows of the first exercise, or perform the actions in the second? Skill based they make a selection and get to know the jobs, in connection to the different sectors and companies.

It is a pilot that can be adapted to and used in the very diverse sectors of energy/blue/logistics etc. It could be transferable to every country, if translated.


2. Port Pro/ Port Academy

Port Pro/Port Academy is a new, thematic visit to port companies for 3rd grade classes (16-18 years old). Instead of the classic guided tour with guide, we let them first choose a theme (industry, global trading, logistics, STEM (Science – Technology – Engineering – Mathematics)). Based on this choice and depending on the fact if they are aiming to continue their studies or are planning to search for a job, they get a tailor made visit to one company.

During this visit, they are guided by a young employee of the company. The visit will focus on both the companies’ identity and future vision and the jobs in relation to the chosen theme.

Second part of the visit will consist of a theme-related activity. All this to make young people acquainted with certain jobs and sectors, not by listening to a guide, but by their own experiences. 

This visit will not be guided by a port guide, but by an edu-coach. An edu-coach focus is not entirely on transferring knowledge. His focus is on the group and the underlying dynamics. His job is to make sure the group gets as much out of the visit as possible.

Institutions involved:

  • Port centre Antwerp
  • Secondary schools
  • Companies

Sector/industry: maritime, logistics, industry, technics

Expected outcomes for learners:

  • Insight in the added value of the port of Antwerp and the huge possibilities : this also leads to increased support for port activities in a wide surrounding
  • Promote technical and technological jobs
  • Promote working in the port area
  • Create job openings in participating companies
  • Create internships in participating businesses

Expected outcomes for SME's:​

  • Offer advantages/support to SMEs in order to
    • keep up with innovation and increase their innovative character
    • be able to recruit, retain and train/specialize their technical staff
    • be competitive and be/become a pioneer

Essential criteria for the learner:

  • Ready to prepare for visit by playing games
  • Open mind towards port of Antwerp, activities, companies and jobs there


Other outcomes:

  • Collaboration with satisfied schools, teachers and learners
  • Satisfied companies