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Pilot Engineering & Manufacturing in the Blue economy – Core Engineering skills

organised by RIGHT
01 April - 31 December 2020
Glenrothes, GB
Organized by Fife Council

The 4-week course is designed to give an insight into the various roles within Engineering and Manufacturing in the Blue economy. Candidates will learn some of the key skills required by employers in this sector and it will be co-delivered by a range of project partners, community groups and social enterprises. Candidates will gain insight into a range of roles and opportunities and after exiting the course will be placed with a blue or energy employer in order to gain valuable industry experience. The course is suitable for those who are seeking employment or who seek to supplement their studies with industry experience.

Sector/industry: Blue + energy

Expected outcomes for learners:

  • Insight into the various roles within the blue economy and energy sector
  • Experience of working on projects
  • Basic sea survival skills
  • Better career management skills
  • Industry placement with Employer

Expected outcomes for SME's:

  • Better recruitment -access to candidates with relevant experience.
  • Increased capacity for innovation.
  • Opportunity to engage with education and shape the learning of pupils, strategic partnerships.

Essential criteria:

None, this course is aimed at those who are not currently in employment or who are seeking to supplement their studies.

Other outcomes:

Strengthening of relationships within the triple helix, strong community focus, candidates will work on a local community project such as The River Leven project.