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Marine and Wind Energy



Course format Online
Date 2021-01-18 - 2021-04-12
Duration 11 weeks, 10 -15 hours per week
Cost £925

Develop the focused skills you need for a career in renewables.

Specialise in marine (tidal and wave) and wind energy, studying online with our team of internationally experienced engineers.

Get to grips with the resources, physical principles, technologies and systems involved. Discover how these energy sources integrate into the grid. Find out where they fit into the current and future global energy mix.

This online short course will grow your skills as a graduate engineer or energy industry professional.

It’s part of our Masters in Renewable Energy Engineering and Masters in Offshore Engineering. The credits you earn on this short course count towards these Masters qualifications.

What will I study?

You’ll study the resources used in marine and wind energy, and the physical principles involved.

You’ll also explore the environmental effects of marine and wind energy capture, and the technical challenges faced by these industries.

You’ll cover the following topics:

Wind energy

  • Offshore wind energy
  • Wind turbine technologies
  • Efficiency
  • Installation and environmental impact
  • Commercial development

Tidal energy

  • Tidal power generation technologies
  • Environmental considerations
  • Integration
  • Current projects and potential projects

Wave energy

  • Wave energy technologies
  • Environmental impact
  • Integration


Am I ready?

This course has no formal entry requirements. You decide if it’s suitable for you.

The course is delivered at Masters level. At this level of teaching, you’d usually have at least:

  • a 2:2 (second-class) degree in Engineering or the Physical Sciences
  • or relevant experience that supports this level of training.


ISCED Categories

Conservation and environmental management
Offshore and renewable energy
Machinery and operators