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Pilot: Recirculating Aquaculture Systems

organised by RIGHT
02 November 2020 - 31 March 2021
Bergen, NO
Organized by Vestland County Council

Hordaland Higher Professional College is developing a short modulated training programme for the seafood industry. The programme is a part-time study an let the participants combine work and education​. Especially designed for SME.

Institutions involved:

Sector/industry: Seafood industry

Expected outcomes for learners:

Tertiary VET education within Recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) for the seafood industry will focus on water chemistry, microbiology, fish welfare and technology connected to recirculating facilities, and will give the students a basic understanding for chemical and biological processes which is relevant for the seafood industry. The students will achieve an understanding of the connection between different chemical, biological and physical parameters and understand the consequences if these parameters change. The students will be able to do a risk assessment based on what happens if the physical, chemical or biological environment change, and then take action to prevent harm on humans, marine species, in addition to the outer environment.

Expected outcomes for SME's:

We expected that the participating companies will increase their competence in the new technology by participating in the pilot. On that basis, they will increase their competitiveness, as well as their innovation capacity within this field. The purpose of the pilot is to develop a way to capitalize a growth potential in the blue energy sector and related sectors. This pilot also aims to ensure the SMEs abilities to engage in capacity building. The goal is to reduce the skills gap within the aquaculture through develop and implement a flexible educational l program for RAS-technology.

Qualifications Gained:

The whole course will give a student a diploma with 30 credits, but not a degree. Each subject gives 10 credits, and it is possible to take only one or two subjects