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Marine Systems Engineering – Non-License Track, B.S.

Bachelor (ISCED 2011 level 6)


Duration 8 semesters
Cost $13.478 In-State; $27.098 Out-of-State

The Marine Systems Engineering – Non-License Track (MSE Non-License Track) program teaches students how to identify, formulate, and solve engineering problems. If you are interested in how the world around you works or if you have ideas on how to improve the tools, appliances and machines we use, you already have the qualities needed to become an outstanding engineer. At Maine Maritime Academy, you will practice on real equipment, bringing theory to life.

The MSE Non-License Track program is one of the more academically rigorous courses of study at Maine Maritime Academy. Comparable to the mechanical engineering curricula of other institutions, MSE Non-License Track is distinguished by its grounding in marine applications and naval architecture.

The Non-License Track of Marine Systems Engineering is a four-year Bachelor of Science program including all the humanities, math, science, and engineering analysis and design courses of the 5-year Marine Systems Engineering program, but without many of the engineering operations courses required by the 5-year program. It does not lead to eligibility to sit for the USCG Third Assistant Engineer’s license. Membership in the Regiment of Midshipmen for first-year students only and participation in the first-year cruise are required.

Sea Time & Co-op Training

Students enrolled in the Marine Systems Engineering Non-License Track (4-yr) major are required to participate in one training cruise at the end of their first year. This requirement is designed to provide valuable hands-on expe­rience with working marine systems and is not intended to provide eligibility to sit for a USCG 3rd Assistant Engineer license.

Dynamic Career Options

Successful completion of the 4-year program leads to a Bachelor of Science degree in Marine Systems Engineering – Non License Track, and prepares the graduate for careers in engineering design, consulting, or management in maritime, industrial power, or general engineering fields. Graduates of this non-license track are also well prepared to pursue advanced study at graduate school in numerous engineering disciplines.

MSE Non-License Track (4-year)

  • 4-year B.S. degree
  • Emphasis on naval architecture
  • Regiment required first year only, then optional
  • 2 industrial co-ops, (1 maritime related)
  • 1 cruise required at the completion of the 1st yr
  • Shoreside career options in maritime and in maritime and mechanical engineering mechanical engineering fields
  • Excellent preparation for graduate school


Structural components
Ship training
Internship/Workplace experience
International component
Practical/Field work
Research Project

ISCED Categories

Environmental protection technology
Machinery and operators
Naval engineering
Maritime security