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Major in Maritime Interaction Studies

Bachelor (ISCED 2011 level 6)


Cost 2,590,500 South Korean won per semester

In addition to fulfilling the requirements for obtaining a ship's officer license, the goal of Maritime Interaction Studies is to train future maritime professionals who have key global competencies that will enable them to act competitively in globalized, multicultural, or multinational environments through the curriculum in the field of global studies such as global negotiation, multiculturalism, and international relations.

Entry Field after the Graduation

Maritime Industry

Sailors and Captains, Coast pilots, executives in shipping companies, Shipping agencies, Shipyards, Ship inspectors, shipbuilding materials industry, etc.

Domestic and International Institutions

National civil servants, Local government officials e.g. in the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries. Officials in the various international maritime organizations, Bureau of Shipping, Maritime Safety Tribunal, Domestic or International Port Authority, Port controller, International conference planner, Maritime lawyers, Licensed customs agents, Interpreters, Naval officer, etc.

Field of Global Maritime Researches and Education

Teachers, University professors, as well as Researchers (e.g. in the Korea Ocean Research and Development Institute, Korea Maritime Institute, Korea Maritime and Fisheries Institute, Oceanographic Research Institute, the World

Maritime University), Researchers for international organizations such as the United Nations Research Institute, etc.

ISCED Categories

Policy and governance
Logistics and shipping management
Navigation and seamanship
Personal skills and communication