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Marine Sciences

Bachelor (ISCED 2011 level 6)


Duration 8 semesters
Cost $6,380 per academic year (in-state)/$28,658 per academic year (out-of-state)

The university promotes an integrated approach to marine science education and research to prepare students for a variety of rewarding academic and professional careers. This major, offered cooperatively with the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, allows students to tailor a curriculum that suits their interests and career goals.

The curriculum provides students with the core scientific and quantitative skills necessary for success. Lower-division courses build a strong foundation in basic sciences and math while upper-division courses provide opportunity for specialization. Students in the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (CALS) complete an upper-division core that concentrates on biological and ecological marine science essentials while also giving students a critical understanding of how statistics and economics are integrated into marine science and resource management.

Students work closely with a faculty advisor to create an individualized curriculum plan of at least 18 approved elective credits and 15-16 hours of planned credits. These can include courses on resource management, human dimensions, conservation, quantitative population assessment and others. Students must complete their plans along with the approval of a faculty advisor before reaching 70 credits.

Structural components
Laboratory training
Research Project

Application procedure

The online application portal can be accessed here

Grant opportunities

Information about available scholarships and grants can be found here

Learning outcomes

This major provides integrative understanding of the basic concepts, theories and observational findings related to marine materials and processes, geologic time, the diversity of marine life, the structure and function of marine organisms and ecosystems and marine resource management.

ISCED Categories

Personal skills and communication
Physical and chemical oceanography