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Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology

Bachelor (ISCED 2011 level 6)


Duration 8 semesters
Cost $16,668 per semester (Nonresident)/$5,652 per semester (Resident)

The Academic Program

Biology is of fundamental importance in a science or liberal arts education, as it provides students with a keener insight into and a deeper appreciation of the many facets of living systems. Most students plan to use their training as preparation for professional work, such as aquaculture, biotechnology, biological research, dentistry, marine biology, medicine, optometry, park services, pharmacy, and teaching. Our graduates have an outstanding record of acceptance in advanced degree programs at dental, medical, pharmacy, and graduate schools. Many of our graduates also become teachers after obtaining a post-baccalaureate teaching certificate at the College of Education.



Undergraduate student advising is mandatory. Prospective majors should visit or contact to meet with an advisor to design a curriculum that satisfies program requirements.


BS Degree in Marine Biology

Requirements (C [not C-] grade minimum)

  • BIOL 171, 172, 265, 275, and 375 plus laboratories
  • OCN 201
  • BIOL 301 plus laboratory
  • BOT 480
  • ZOOL 475 plus laboratory
  • MICR 401 plus laboratory
  • 4 credits of directed research in approved disciplines or BIOL 403
  • BIOL 404
  • 9 credit hours in approved courses

Related Requirements (C [not C-] grade minimum)

  • CHEM 161, 162, and 272 plus laboratories
  • PHYS 151 and 152 or 170 and 272 plus laboratories
  • MATH 215 and 216 or 241 and 242 or 251A and 252A
  • ECON 321 or NREM 310 or SOCS 225 or MATH 373 or MATH 472


For information on a Bachelor Degree Program Sheet, go to programsheets/.

Structural components
Internship/Workplace experience
Laboratory training
Research Project

Application procedure

For information on undergraduate applications, follow the link here


For information on international student applications, follow the link here

Grant opportunities

Information on available grants, scholarships, and financial aid can be found here

Learning outcomes

The biology curricula are designed to provide students with a strong background in the principles of biology and with rigorous upper division instruction in a number of basic areas. This combination of breadth and in-depth instruction allows students to develop the intellectual foundations and the skills necessary to deal with the specific biological concerns of today and the flexibility to meet the needs of the various professions. From this base, our graduates can pursue future specialization with confidence.

ISCED Categories

Project management
Physical and chemical oceanography