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Bachelor's degree in Naval Systems and Technology Engineering

Bachelor (ISCED 2011 level 6)


Duration 8 semesters
Cost €2,551 (€3,827 for non-EU residents) per year

The bachelor’s degree in Naval Systems and Technology Engineering will provide you with the knowledge and skills required to work as an expert on ship propulsion and systems. Your training will be career-oriented, focusing on technological activities linked to naval engineering in relation to ships and vessels of all types; floating and fixed platforms and structures (floating docks, structures for exploiting and utilising marine resources, and marine structures for generating renewable energy); marine nurseries and fishing systems; and other maritime industries. The following specialisations are offered: Sports and Leisure Watercraft; Business Organisation; and Inspection, Maintenance and Repair.

Professional opportunities

  • Technical positions with shipyards and shipbuilding companies.
  • Maintenance management of maritime and industrial facilities.
  • Inspection services in relation to maritime administration, safety and pollution, and recreational craft.
  • Average adjustment.
  • Industries related to the building, repair and maintenance of ships.
  • Naval technical offices.
  • Maritime administrations.
  • Shipping companies.
  • Classification societies.
  • Quality certification bodies.
  • Self-employment (projects, expert reports, consulting, etc.).
Structural components
Industry partners
International component
Practical/Field work
Research Project

ISCED Categories

Environmental protection technology
Maritime security
Policy and governance
Logistics and shipping management
Machinery and operators
Naval engineering
Near- and offshore constructions