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Bachelor's degree in Marine Technologies

Bachelor (ISCED 2011 level 6)


Duration 8 semesters
Cost €2,551 (€3,827 for non-EU residents) per year

The bachelor’s degree in Marine Technologies will give you a solid grounding in the operation, maintenance and management of power plants and ship systems, and in the design, reengineering and construction of vessels. In addition to working on board ships, graduates also have the skills needed to fill positions related to the operation of offshore platforms for oil and gas extraction, dredgers, underwater machinery, and any other industrial activity carried out in the maritime and land-based sector. You can choose between two majors: 


Major in On-Board Practicals
You will be assigned to a merchant ship as a student trainee to complete part of the work experience component required to qualify as a marine engineering officer.

Major in Marine Electrotechnics
In this course you will develop the knowledge and skills required to work as an electro-technical officer. You will learn about electrical systems, automatic control and computer networks, radio navigation equipment, radio communication systems and other specialised topics.

Professional opportunities

  • Management and coordination of activities related to production, operation, maintenance and repair of power plants and industrial facilities.
  • Technical and management positions at thermal and nuclear power plants.
  • Maintenance management in maritime and industrial facilities.
  • Technical and management positions with shipyards, shipbuilders and shipping companies.
  • Customs supervision.
  • Drafting and development of technical projects and reports.
  • Inspection and certification of civilian vessels.
  • Average adjustment.
  • Projects related to quality, the environment, maritime safety, and occupational hazard prevention.
  • Teaching.
Structural components
International component
Practical/Field work
Research Project

ISCED Categories

Environmental protection technology
Offshore and renewable energy
Machinery and operators
Oil, gas and mineral resources
Maritime security