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Máster Universitario en Diversidad Biologica y Medio Ambiente (MSc in Biological and Environmental Diversity )

Master (ISCED 2011 level 7)


Duration 2 semesters
Entry level Bachelor
Cost see website

This Master offers advanced training with a strong practical component, which covers different aspects of biodiversity and its conservation.

• We provide the essential tools for professional tasks of evaluation, monitoring and management of the environment, in which an adequate knowledge of fauna, flora and habitats is an essential basis.

• The three specialties (Biogeography, Continental and Marine Environment) allow a flexible but specialized curricular project, related to the different lines of research developed in the Doctorate Program "Biological Diversity and Environment".

Structural components
Practical/Field work

Application procedure


Applicants must request pre-registration and be in one of the following cases:

- Be in possession of a Bachelor's degree, or of any of the current Architect, Engineer, Graduate, Technical Architect, Graduate, Technical Engineer or Master, or another expressly declared equivalent.

- Be in possession of a foreign university degree not approved by the Ministry of Science and Innovation equivalent to the level of degree and that empowers in the country of origin to pursue postgraduate studies.

In addition to the above, applicants must meet, where appropriate, the specific requirements required for each Master. Specifically, to access this University Master, they are established with specific access requirements:

Those who prove that they are in possession of a Graduate / Architect / Engineer / Bachelor degree in subjects related to the areas studied will be able to access the Master.

The following are established as preferred access profiles:

  1. Degree / Graduate in Biology, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Environmental Sciences, Pharmacy, Medicine, Chemistry, Agricultural Engineers, Chemical Engineers.
  2. Bachelor's degrees / Degrees related to Life Sciences and Health Sciences and other Higher Engineering.
  3. Other Bachelor's degrees and Degrees.

Graduates in accordance with foreign educational systems (with titles related to the previous ones) will be able to access this Master's Degree without the need for the homologation of their degrees, subject to proof that they have a level of training equivalent to the corresponding Spanish Bachelor's degrees and that they the country issuing the title for access to Postgraduate studies.

The following are established as admission criteria:

> Academic record (70%).

> Curriculum (30%). In this section, additional merits are scored, such as participation in scientific conferences, participation in environmental volunteer activities or the like, connection with a member of the master's faculty as an internal student or similar. All aspects that demonstrate a preferential affinity for this master and good prospects for integration in it are positively valued.

The level of command of the English language, without being compulsory the presentation of an accrediting official qualification, will be the one required for the issuance of the Bachelor's degree.

Foreign candidates from non-Spanish-speaking countries must accredit a B1 Spanish diploma -or equivalent- or academic certification of having passed a subject taught in Spanish in official university studies (modification of the Master's Plan in Biological Diversity and Environment, 2019) .


To be able to pre-register for any Official Master's Degree offered by the Universities of Andalusia, it will be necessary to complete and submit the pre-registration request at the electronic access point: )

It is the responsibility of the Andalusian Single District Commission to establish, in each academic year, the deadlines for the presentation of pre-registration applications and registration formalization. These can also be consulted by accessing the url indicated above.



The interested party must provide –in electronic format- the supporting documentation of their academic situation together with that other that, according to the Master, is required.

The system will provide the interested party at the time of presentation with a document accrediting the completion of the same, will also send a copy of said document to the email address provided by the interested party as well as an SMS to the mobile phone number that, in its case, indicate. A single application will be submitted, which will be unique to all of Andalusia, where all the Official Master's degrees in which you wish to be admitted will be listed in order of preference. During the application submission period, the system will allow the replacement of an already submitted application with a new one, which will automatically mean the cancellation of the previous one.


a) General documentation

Applicants must provide, together with the duly completed form / form, the documents specified below (to obtain these files or electronic documents, it will be sufficient to digitize / scan the corresponding originals):

  • Electronic file -in .PDF format- with National Identity Document (DNI), Foreigners Identification Number (NIE), or failing that, Passport.
  • Electronic file -in .PDF format- containing the document of the certification of the official academic record, where the average grade of the record is recorded.
  • Electronic file - in .PDF format - with the image of the title obtained or the receipt of having paid the issuing rights of the same.

In addition, those who access with non-approved foreign titles, must incorporate:

  • Electronic file -in .PDF format- certifying that the applicant has a degree, issued by the corresponding official body in the country of origin, which empowers them in that country to pursue postgraduate studies.
  • In your case, electronic file -in .PDF format- with the certification of the official academic record where the grades and duration –expressed in credits or in months- obtained in the subjects, including, where appropriate, the project or end of work, are expressly stated career that allows you access to the Master or Masters you are applying for.
  • In the event that the computer system requires it, an electronic file with a certificate issued by the official body of the country of origin containing the minimum grade to pass a course, as well as the maximum grade that can be obtained.

All the documentation requested in the previous sections, if applicable, must be delivered legally translated into Spanish and legalized according to the agreements signed by the country of the applicant.

b) Documentation of a specific nature

All applicants must provide the other specific documentation in electronic format, required by the requested Master or Masters.



In any case, at the time of registration, applicants must deliver the originals and photocopies - for comparison - of the DNI, NIE, or failing that, the Passport, as well as those other documents that gave rise to the corresponding electronic files incorporated into the application, necessary to resolve the admitted lists. All documents, where applicable, must be presented legally translated into Spanish and legalized according to the agreements signed by the country of the applicant.

They may consult doubts and expand the information by contacting the ACCESS SERVICE of the University of Malaga - 1st floor of the Aulario Rosa de Galvez, Teatinos University Campus ( ; Tf. 952137248) -.

Learning outcomes

The Environment, as well as the fauna and flora that live there, constitute at this beginning of the century a matter of concern in the face of the constant increase in population and an unprecedented degradation of our environment. This is witnessed by initiatives that have emerged at the highest level, such as the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity), or the European Biodiversity Strategy (adopted in 2011). The corresponding commitments are reflected in a "Strategic Plan for Natural Heritage and Biodiversity", published in the Official State Gazette of September 30, 2011, which details the specific actions that must be carried out immediately or in the near future. years.

With the word “biodiversity”, sometimes battered, we understand the diversity of life at all levels of its organization, as well as the environmental and evolutionary processes that maintain it. The challenge of halting the loss of biodiversity and the degradation of ecosystems requires, as a first step, an adequate knowledge of its components and their ways of functioning. The need for good descriptors is reflected in the “initial assessment” requirements formulated in regulations such as the Strategy for the Marine Environment Directive, among others. The acceleration of global processes that affect us makes the preparation of our response more urgent.

At the same time that the social and institutional demand for an adequate knowledge of the natural environment grows, the works in this branch suffer from insufficient quality of the basic data, at the time of fieldwork and of the identification of organisms. Professionals trained to correctly identify an animal or a plant, understand the habitats that they make up and know how to value the elements necessary for their conservation are increasingly scarce. The so-called “taxonomic impediment” is the approach that, while many branches of the biological and environmental sciences depend on the quality of primary biodiversity data, the shortage of specialists becomes a limiting factor.

The contents of this Master are thought in this context, with the perspective of training scientists trained to take knowledge of the natural environment and its processes to the highest level. The three itineraries proposed as "specialties" allow the development of both the more academic aspects, intended for future doctoral students, and others of more immediate application in matters of management and conservation of natural resources.


Those who hold the Spanish title of Graduate / Bachelor - or any other declared equivalent - in subjects related to the areas under study will be able to access the Master in Biological Diversity and Environment.

Those who accredit qualifications considered related to the proposed Master will have preferential access to the master. In accordance with the above, the following are defined as preferential access degrees:

  1. Graduate / Graduates in Biology, Environmental Sciences, Marine Sciences and Geography.
  2. Other equivalent level titles related to life, environment or health sciences.

Graduates may also access in accordance with foreign educational systems - with titles related to those previously related - without the need for prior approval of their degrees, with prior verification that they accredit a level of training equivalent to the corresponding Spanish Bachelor's degrees and that empower in the country issuing the title for access to postgraduate studies.

For those who accredit a qualification other than those listed above, the Master's Academic Committee will be responsible for assessing their acceptance based on the candidate's academic and / or professional profile.

ISCED Categories

Conservation and environmental management
Marine Geology
Physical and chemical oceanography