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Bachelor in Maritime Studies (Marine Engineering)

Bachelor (ISCED 2011 level 6)


Duration 10 semesters
Cost Free

The Marine Engineering is a branch of engineering concerned with the study of design, construction and maintenance of ships as well as the study of different types of marine engines and auxiliary machineries and their methods of maintenance. The Department of Marine Engineering, Faculty of Maritime Studies at King Abdul-Aziz University gives the degree of Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering. The program was designed in accordance with the provisions of the university and in accordance with the requirements of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), and according to the International Standards of the Treaty (STCW 95) and its amendments. The students of Marine Engineering study the subjects of advanced mathematics, statics, dynamics, engineering chemistry, engineering drawing, basics of engineering workshops, basics of electrical engineering, electronics, thermodynamics and heat transfer, basics of naval architecture and ship construction, marine diesel engines, shipyard technology, introduction to marine engineering systems and methods of diagnosis of their faults, group of courses of heat and steam and the course of pollution prevention and control. In addition, the program contains a number of proposed elective modules such as refrigeration and air conditioning, planned maintenance, and gas and steam turbines. The students of the Department of Marine Engineering are trained during their period of study for two months, after the sixth level in the summer of the third year, in dry docks and then for a further period of not less than 12 months on board high seas ships.


Education and training of high-quality in the field of Marine Engineering, which contributes to the rehabilitation of the National Human Resources with high efficiency to support the economy and homeland security, and to support the position of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the International forums.


Highly efficient and qualified graduates in the field of Marine Engineering to meet the needs of the development plans and the labour market in both civil and military sectors as well as in the field of petroleum.


  • Supporting professional and research skills of students through practical training on board ships and participating in research workshops.
  • Graduating Marine Engineers that are scientifically and professionally qualified for designing, maintain and operating both governmental and commercial high seas ships and in shipyards and dry docks.
  • Conducting scientific researches and providing specialised courses and technical advices to all governmental and commercial sectors.
  • Dissemination of knowledge, culture and awareness in relation to the applications of Marine Engineering.
  • Providing opportunities for postgraduate studies for the graduates of the department and graduates from other specialties related to Marine Engineering according to the University regulations.
  • Rehabilitation of the Marine Engineers working onboard ships for promotion to higher grades through holding Rehabilitative Courses in accordance with the requirements of the International Maritime Organization and in coordination with the Ministry of Transport.
Structural components
Summer schools
Practical/Field work
Language training
Research Project

ISCED Categories

Project management
Personal skills and communication
Ocean Literacy
Marine and maritime law
Physical and chemical oceanography
Machinery and operators
Naval engineering
Near- and offshore constructions
Oil, gas and mineral resources