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Master of Science in Marine Ecosystem and Fisheries Sciences

Master (ISCED 2011 level 7)


Duration 4 semesters
Cost 278 € per semester

The Master of Science in Marine Ecosystem and Fisheries Sciences is set up as a consecutive and research-oriented degree program. Graduates will have learned the practical and theoretical methods of the research fields of Biological Oceanography (BO) and Fisheries Science (FS) and will be able to apply them in laboratory, field and theoretical studies. Students will possess the ability to develop scientific hypotheses through problem analysis and are able to select approaches to best test these hypotheses. Graduates will be familiar with the current discourse on anthropogenic effects on marine ecosystems and, with their professional knowledge, will be able to contribute to social debates regarding the management and conservation of ocean ecosystems and living marine resources. Consequently, graduates will be in a position to excellence in a future scientific career and/or to contribute to assessment and management of the status of ocean ecosystems.

Structural components
Internship/Workplace experience
International component
Laboratory training
Practical/Field work

Application procedure

application time: Februrary 15th until March 31th. First step to applicate during this time is online via STiNE on the front pages of the University of Hamburg.


For the Master of Science Marine Ecosystem and Fisheries Sciences, the following special conditions for admission must be satisfied:

 1. A bachelor’ degree either in

a) Marine Ecosystem and Fisheries Sciences from the Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Natural Sciences at Universität Hamburg.

 2.  Any other bachelor’s degree, provided that at least 81 ECTS credits of foundational coursework in the natural sciences have been proven to have been completed in the following disciplines:

Mathematics (incl. physics and bioinformatics, if available) 6 ECTS

Chemistry  (general; inorganic, organic, physical, and biochemistry) 6 ECTS

Statistics 9 ECTS

Biology (inclusive Biological Oceanography and Fisheries Science 60 ECTS

3. All Applicants must have adequate English language skills.
Adequate language proficiency may be demonstrated as follows:


b) IELTS - 5.0

c) TOEFL - (IBT 80, PBT 500, CBT 170)

d) Cambridge - FCE, CAE, or CPE

e) Degree from an English language bachelor degree program

f) Higher education entrance qualification for an anglophone Instiution in Higher Education

g) Exchange of miminum 6 month at an anglophone Country

h) English classes at a state school in Germany for seven years is equivalent[wenn im Abi-Zeugnis Englisch als erste Fremdsprache aufgeführt ist, reicht dies als Nachweis aus])

ISCED Categories

Physical and chemical oceanography
Conservation and environmental management
Scientific modelling