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Master of Science (M.S.) in Marine Sciences (Master of Science (M.S.) in Marine Sciences )

Master (ISCED 2011 level 7)


Cost $35,380

Master of Science (M.S.) in Marine Sciences

The mission of the Master of Science (M.S.) in Marine Sciences program is to prepare outstanding graduate students for careers or further training in science, technology and education by providing an advanced knowledge base and research skills in the marine sciences.

Our curriculum seeks to understand the way the ocean functions and how it is related to earth systems science and human interactions with the environment. You'll study the theoretical underpinnings and applications of disciplines from biology and chemistry to geology and physics, and you'll learn to apply these disciplines to solving real-world problems.

Our M.S. in Marine Sciences program also focuses on a thesis research experience in which you'll conduct research and prepare a thesis on a topic selected in consultation with a faculty advisor. 


Program Required Courses 

MAR 503 - Research Methods

MAR 530 - Graduate Seminar

MAR 512 - Marine Science Center Seminar

MAR 566 - Advanced Oceanography I

MAR 568 - Advanced Oceanography II

Electives - Additional Coursework

MAR 590 - Research and Thesis1

Total Credits Required36

MAR 595 - Thesis Writing/Data Analysis (taken after 36 credits completed)

MAR 599 - Masters Thesis

Structural components
Laboratory training
Practical/Field work
Research Project

ISCED Categories

Physical and chemical oceanography