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Master of Arts (Marine Management)

Master (ISCED 2011 level 7)


Cost International student - FJ$32590

Learning & Teaching at FSTE

Our student numbers have grown significantly in the last few years and our priority is to provide high quality education to all our students.The area of Learning and Teaching in the Faculty is headed by the Associate Dean (Learning & Teaching), Dr. Utkal Mehta.

The University Quality Strategy guides the processes and activities that ensure a quality learning environment for our students.The delivery of teaching in the Faculty is becoming increasingly flexible in an attempt to allow more students to take advantage of our offerings to the region.

In the area of Learning & Teaching, our objectives are to:

1. Prepare a Learning and Teaching Plan for the Faculty which will guide us to achieving our aims for better learning and teaching.

2. Address student feedback from student questionnaires each semester and improve on the concerns

3. Encourage and facilitate the training of teaching staff

4. Carry out annual subject reviews

5. Share best teaching practices within the university closely monitor Faculty quality matters

Each School has a Learning and Teaching representative who is available to discuss any related issues with both staff and students with the aim to resolve them. Staff are encouraged to see these reps in their relevant Schools.

The Faculty Staff: Student Liaison Committee is active and deals with student issues (related to their studies). Students are encouraged to participate in the discussions of this committee and benefit from the assistance available from dedicated staff on this committee. The meetings for this committee will be widely advertised, so students will be well aware of them. Students are encouraged to see them (or the Associate Dean) if they need advice on academic matters.

For any enquiries regarding learning and teaching

Dr. Utkal Mehta (Associate Dean Learning and Teaching),
Ph: (679) 323 2337, Email: utkal.mehta(at)

Mrs Harmindar Kaur (Office Assistant Learning and Teaching),
Ph: (679) 323 1097, Email:

Mrs Bijeta Kumar (First Year Experience Coordinator) , 
Ph: 323 2299, Email:


An intellectual centre of excellence in Science, Technology and Environment for Pacific-based research, consultancy and education provision.


To be the prime education provider of environmentally and socially responsible scientists and technologists, trained to an international standard with the integrity and capacity to enhance the development and well-being of the people of the Pacific region


The Faculty is committed to:

  • serve all stakeholders while preserving and enhancing the physical and social environment;

  • produce graduates with intellectual and knowledge capacity to assume responsibility in industry, commerce, education and government institutions and who can rapidly contribute to wealth creation which contributes to well-being of people and environment in the region;

  • undertake excellent and relevant research and provide education at an internationally recognised standard;

  • sound codes of practice for human resource development, administration, OHS.


A centre of integrity and intellectual rigour;

Ethical standards for all our students and other stakeholders;

Respect and value the diversity of the students and Faculty members; and good governance in decision making through transparency, integrity, equity and engagement.

Structural components
International component
Practical/Field work
Language training
Research Project

ISCED Categories

Project management
Personal skills and communication
Ocean Literacy
Maritime economy
Policy and governance
Logistics and shipping management
Marine and maritime law
Conservation and environmental management
Marine spatial planning
Navigation and seamanship