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Mestrado em Navegação e Geomática (Master Programme in Science in Navigation and Geomatics )

Master (ISCED 2011 level 7)

Portuguese, Portugal

Duration 4 semesters
Cost registration fee: 25 euros; enrolment fee: 40 euros; tuition fee: portuguese students: 1200 euros; international students: 7000 euros

The main goal of the Masters in Navigation and Geomatics is to provide advanced postgraduate multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary studies, allowing the students the increase of knowledge in different areas of Earth Sciences and Maritime Navigation: monitoring of maritime areas, global satellite positioning, GIS (Geographic Information Systems), Navigation integration Systems, Nautical Cartography, and Navigation aids. The course will also allow to the students knowledge in Remote Sensing and Digital Image Processing.

The specific contribution of the Naval School and of the Faculty of Sciences od the University of Lisbon is determinant, not only in their specific areas of knowledge, but also in the way the different areas are taught and convened to the students, allowing an integrated perspective of matter related to the Maritime Navigation and to the monitoring of the oceans trough the Geomatics capabilities.


BSc degree, preferably in the area of Geomatics or Geographic Engineering, Naval Sciences, Piloting (or equivalent with certification STCW - Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping – from IMO – International Maritime Organization), and Naval Engeneering (or equivalent with STCW certification).

Students with other qualifications or relevant professional curricula upon decision of the course’s scientific commission.

Two of the optional courses (Maritime Navigation and Navigation Aids and Safety) have as requirement at least the Bsc in Naval Sciences and Piloting with STCW certification.

ISCED Categories

Marine spatial planning
Navigation and seamanship