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Bachelor of Science Marine Biology Concentration

Bachelor (ISCED 2011 level 6)


Duration 8 semesters

The program of the Department of Biological Sciences is designed to contribute to a scientific background as part of a liberal education. The department offers a diversified, broadly based program, which can be designed to satisfy many areas of study. Our multitrack major can provide the traditional student with a well-rounded background in biology, or students may select courses to prepare them for a particular area of study. The multitrack curriculum can prepare students for graduate study, pre-health professional fields (such as medicine or dentistry), marine biology, or environmental science. The department has persons trained to advise in each of these areas. A list of advisors for a specific track or area of study can be obtained from the departmental office.

Structural components
Laboratory training
Practical/Field work

Application procedure

For application procedure visits the admissions page:




USA is dedicated to the creation of an environment of intellectual excitement and an educational climate that will stimulate students. We encourage applications from all individuals whose preparations and abilities give them reasonable chance of success in our programs. We welcome those with a strong high school academic curriculum, overall high school GPA, and test scores.

Requirements for First Time Freshmen admission:

***Effective immediately, USA will use the highest earned ACT subscores received by the Office of Admissions to determine an ACT composite superscore. This ACT superscore will be used to make admission decisions.*** 

Required Official Documents:

  • Official high school transcript
  • Official ACT or SAT score

16 hours of required academic core courses

  • 4 years of English
  • 3 years of social science
  • 3 years of Math- Must include Algebra I and two higher level math courses (for example: Algebra II, Algebra w/ Finance, Algebraic Connections, Geometry, Trigonometry, Analytical Geometry, Pre-Calculus, or other higher level math courses will be considered)
  • 3 years of science (At least two of the sciences must include labs)
  • 3 years of advanced electives (Courses chosen from any of the four core areas above and may include foreign language)

The Alabama High School Diploma with Advanced Endorsement meets all University of South Alabama core requirements. The Credit Based Diploma awarded by Alabama High Schools is accepted; however, students must meet all high school core requirements listed above.

GPA and Test Scores

USA generally admits students with:

  • a minimum ACT superscore of 19 or
  • a minimum SAT (Critical Reading + Math only) score of 900 (if taken prior to March 2016) or
  • a minimum SAT (Evidence-Based Reading and Writing + Math only) score of 990 (if taken March 2016 or after) and
  • a minimum GPA of 2.50

Students will be permitted to enroll in mathematics classes at USA based on either a prerequisite course, their Math-ACT score, their Math-SAT score, or the Mathematics Placement test.  Mathematics placement can be found at  Students may also be required to take reading or English courses based upon their ACT-English, ACT-Reading or SAT-Critical Reading score. 


Students who fail to meet the standards for admission and who believe they have extenuating circumstances that might justify a different decision may appeal for further consideration. Students who have completed and satisfied academic certification requirements for the National Collegiate Athletic Association under Division I guidelines may be considered for admission. (This option is available to all freshmen applicants.)

It is recommended that students submit the following items for additional consideration:

  1. Admissions Appeal Form, located at

  2. Letter of recommendation from your high school counselor or a teacher in a college preparatory course.

  3. Personal essay on your reason for attending USA and your career plans.

  4. Resume, to include a summary of special talents or skills.  

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