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MSc in Rearing of Aquatic Organisms

Master (ISCED 2011 level 7)


Duration 2 semesters
Cost €4000

Acknowledging the need for scientific support of one of the leading industries in Greece, i.e. Aquaculture, the Department of Applied Hydrobiology of the Faculty of Animal Science and Aquaculture, has organized and runs a Postgraduate Study program in the scientific field of “Rearing of Aquatic Organisms”. The program offers up to date scientific knowledge and deep insight, through both theoretical and practical courses, in order to promote and advance research and to provide the aquaculture industry with specialized and well educated staff able to use obtained knowledge for the benefit of producers and consumers.

The general concept of the program is to promote sustainable aquaculture combining production of high quality aquatic products, environmental protection and welfare of farmed species. Studies are organized in two (2) semesters. In the first semester specific courses are taught (both theoretical and practical), while the second semester is devoted to seminars and research work leading to graduation.

Taught courses

  • Nutrition of Farmed Fish
  • Endocrinology of Farmed Fish
  • Genetics – Biotechnology of Farmed Fish
  • Pathology of Farmed Fish
  • Aquaculture and Aquatic Environment
  • Farming of Aquatic Invertebrates
Structural components
Practical/Field work

Application procedure

Applicants are examined (written examination) in two scientific fields: “Basic Principles of Aquaculture” and “Endocrinology and Fish Farming”. An oral interview also takes place.

In order to apply for the master in Rearing of Aquatic Organisms you will need to submit the following documents to the Secretary for Postgraduate Studies of the Faculty of Animal Science and Aquaculture:

1. The completed application form (in Greek)

2. A certified copy of the applicant’s first degree (a minimum GPA of 6.0/10 is a prerequisite for acceptance). Applicants who will not have graduated by the application deadline but are expected to graduate before the start of the Program should submit a signed statement declaring (a) their current grade point average, (b) the number of courses they need to pass in order to graduate, and (c) that the final degree will be submitted, at the latest, by registration.

3. A certified copy of the applicant’s official university grades transcript.

4. A detailed curriculum vitae.

5. Photocopy of both sides of identity card.

6. Official translations into Greek of documents 2 (degree) and 3 (transcript), required when the original documents are in a language other than Greek.

7. Proof of knowledge of the English language in the form of certified copies.

8. Two letters of recommendation with full details of those who provide them. Recommendation letters should be written in English or Greek, have an original signature and stamp of the relevant institution and should be attached to the application in a sealed envelope with the referee’s signature over the flap.

9. Two photographs (of identity card format).

10. Simple photocopies of other supporting documents e.g. knowledge of other foreign languages, seminar attendance certificates, publications, working experience, etc.


Undergraduate diploma (degree) in Animal Science, Aquaculture or a related field of study (Agriculture, Biology, Veterinary Science, Chemistry, related Departments of the Technological Educational Institutes etc.) Eligible to apply are graduates of Greek Higher Education Institutions or foreign Higher Education Institutions which have been recognised by the Greek state as equivalent. In the case of foreign degrees, official recognition by Hellenic NARIC is a prerequisite for participation in the Program (

ISCED Categories

Veterinary sciences