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B.E. (Marine Electrical Systems and Electronics)

Bachelor (ISCED 2011 level 6)


Cost K13,600 (Burmese kyat) per year

About the Department

Marine Electrical Systems and Electronics Engineering (M.E.S.E) Department has been launched since 2002. The department has already offered B.E (M.E.S.E) degree for 11 batches and 284 graduates have been established. At present there are 215 students are attending in M.E.S.E subject.

The curriculum and syllabi of M.E.S.E Department not only follow the IMO model course also fulfill the requirements for knowledge, understanding and proficiency for the field of electrical and electronics engineering field for both onboard and shore.

M.E.S.E Department opens the doors of opportunities to all students who are eligible to attend the course and the department guarantees to train the students to become marine electrical and electronics engineers under effective and efficient learning environment.

Aims and Objectives

  • This study program aims to produce the skillful marine electrical engineers and competent persons in the marine electrical and electronics field onboard and ashore as well.

Purpose of the Subject

All subjects from Marine Electrical Systems and Electronics introduce students mainly majoring in Marine Electrical Systems and Electronics to knowledge, understanding and proficiency of marine electrical systems and electronics area, needed for marine electrical engineering function on the operational level (Table A-III/1 from the STCW Code) and also on management level. Undergraduate students of Marine Electrical Systems and Electronics Engineering are offered altogether 19 subjects which can provide adequate knowledge, and adequate level of understanding throughout 4 years. Apart from these, some subjects such as Applied Electrical Engineering, Marine Electrical Engineering and Control and Monitoring Systems offer Non Electrical Engineering students who need to know the basic knowledge to fulfill the requirements for both operational level and management level of STCW (78/95).


The students who have passed the Matriculation Examination and have desired to join MMU, have to apply to the University Entrance Committee of Ministry of Education and Department of Higher Education. The criteria to join MMU are as follows;

  1. The student must be Myanmar national.

  2. The numbers of accepted male students will be 320 that is 80% of total students and the rest 20% will be female students.

  3. All students must be in good health.

  4. Female students can apply for all specializations (i.e. 5 specializations) Marine Engineering and Nautical Science.

  5. The students should have the ability of choosing colour test before entering the university. Male students who wear glasses can not apply Nautical Science.

  6. Students who passed the matriculation examination with the following combinations can apply to MMU:

    • Myanmar, English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Economic

    • Myanmar, English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology

    • Myanmar, English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Geography

  7. All Students are to be personally interviewed.

  8. All students not only have to take workshop skill and to attend other training conducted outside of the MMU, but also get one year sea-service (or) on board training as the apprenticeship by their own arrangement in accordance with the rules and regulations adopted by Department of Marine Administration (DMA).

ISCED Categories

Naval engineering