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Nautika i tehnologija pomorskog prometa (Nautical Studies and Maritime Transport Technology )

Bachelor (ISCED 2011 level 6)


Duration 6 semesters
Cost 7.370 HRK per year

Nautical sub-department is representative of the undergraduate study program Nautical Studies and Maritime Transport Technology. The study program enables students to operate a ship, participate in management of shipping companies etc. Teaching program contains information related to the field of ship operating, management, technology, information science, maintenance, environment protection, economy and law. In all three years attention is paid to the contents in accordance with the STCW Convention 78/95 which is necessary for obtaining the highest positions in the field of maritime affairs (chief officer and master of a ship over 3000 gt).

After all courses have been audited and all exams  passed at the study of Nautical Studies and Maritime Transport Technology, the Department of Maritime Studies is obliged to issue Certificate in accordance with paragraph 73 of the Ordinance on Vocations and Certificates of Competencies for Seafarers (OG, 50/07, 62/09, 73/09, 15/10, 142/10, 64/11, 145/11), the Decree of the Ministry of Sea, Transport and Infrastructure (classification: UP7I-342-35/07-01/51, registry number: 530-04-07-415) from December 21, 2001 and Additional Decree of the Ministry of Sea, Transport and Infrastructure (classification: UP/I-342-35/07-01/51, registry number: 530-04-09-17) from September 24, 2009.

Structural components
Industry partners
International component
Practical/Field work
Language training

ISCED Categories

Maritime economy
Policy and governance
Marine and maritime law
Maritime security