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Master of Science: Integrated Water Resources Management - IWRM International

Master (ISCED 2011 level 7)


Duration 4 semesters
Cost 4,500€

urrent global trends such as population and economic growth as well as climate change exert increasing pressure on water resources worldwide. These ressources are the basis for food production, urban and industrial water supplies and hydropower. Experts are needed who understand that multiple problems of water resources management can only be addressed through a holistic approach.

The profile of the Master's program is application-oriented. The aim is, besides providing the participants with an overview on the water sector in general, to educate experts in the field of Integrated Water Resources Management. This requires a diversification of their knowledge and leads to the capability of cross-linked thinking. The answer to complex environmental and water related problems requires economic and managerial competencies more than classical technical knowledge.
The consolidation of different disciplines has not only a methodological dimension but a cultural and a human one, because interdisciplinary team work requires knowledge sharing and effective communication.

Based on this, the study objectives are:

  • Broadening and enhancing expert knowledge
  • Providing key qualifications required for international cooperation projects
  • Fostering the link between different areas of specialization
  • Enhancing oral and written communication considering different stakeholder groups regarding target groups
  • Broaden methodological and scientific skills, bridging theoretical knowledge and practical requirements
  • Practicing own research on interdisciplinary and inter-sectorial approaches to Integrated Water Resources Management

Joint Degree with University of Jordan
The two years joint degree program is offered in Jordan and Germany with English as languages of instruction. Students will study the first two semesters in Germany and then go to Jordan for their third semester. The fourth semester is dedicated to the Master's thesis.

Admission Requirements

Undergraduate degree

Successful applicants to the Master’s program hold an undergraduate degree (at least B.A. or equivalent) in a suitable field, earned at a state or a state-recognized institution of higher education with a final cumulative grade of “satisfactory (3.0)” or better along with the proof of a program-related aptitude. The Examination Board decides on the suitability of the undergraduate degree.

Proof of excellent English language proficiency. The following certificates are accepted: 

- TOEFL ibt: 79 points
- IELTS: Band score 6.0
- Cambridge ESOL: FCE

Application deadline: June 10, 2020

Structural components
Practical/Field work

ISCED Categories

Project management
Maritime economy
Policy and governance
Marine and maritime law