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Doutorado em Recursos Pesqueiros e Engenharia de Pesca (PhD in Fisheries Resources and Fisheries Engineering )

PhD (ISCED 2011 level 8)

Portuguese, Brazil

Cost Free

In the Post-Graduate Program in Fisheries Resources and Fisheries Engineering, the minimum number of credits is 78, being distributed as follows:

- 16 credits in the compulsory subjects offered by the course;

- 15 credits in the elective courses of the link research line;

- 17 credits in elective courses of free choice and / or taken in other programs in related areas, use of the master's discipline or, in credits from the publication of scientific articles;

- 30 credits related to the thesis;

- Total credits: 48 in subjects and 30 in the thesis;

- Total C/H: 1,170 hours

For the purpose of using credits, in addition to the subjects taken in the Program, they can be obtained in the following ways:

- The graduate student may take courses in another Postgraduate program in related areas recommended by Capes, which may be validated by the Program Collegiate;

- The graduate student will be able to take advantage of credits with the publication of scientific articles in magazines ranked by Qualis / Capes in the Zootechnics / Fisheries Resources area, counting the following score:

  • Magazines with Qualis Capes A1 or A2 - 2 credit per article, equivalent to 30 hours
  • Magazines with Qualis Capes B1 or B2 or B3 - 1 credit per article, equivalent to 15 hours

Course structure

- Aquatic communities (4 credits)

- Experimental design and data analysis (3 credits)

- Methodology of scientific research (3 credits)

- Seminars I (2 credits)

- Seminars II (2 credits)

- Teaching internship (2 credits)

The elective courses can be found in the webpage.

Structural components
Research Project

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