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Schiffstechnik / Schiffsmaschinenbau (B.Eng.) (Marine Engineering / Mechanical Engineering for Ships (B.Eng.) )

Bachelor (ISCED 2011 level 6)


Duration 8 semesters
Cost 240,00 EUR per semester

Mechanical Engineering for Ships combines two fields that have a long tradition at Flensburg University of Applied Sciences: Marine Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. We are the only university in Germany offering this combination in one degree programme. If you want to work in the maritime industry without having to go to sea, we will provide you with the necessary tools for your career. No matter whether you want to work in a shipyard, for a supplier for maritime components or in a classification society.

Marine engineering is as complex as it is fascinating and because technology often works differently at sea than on land, the maritime industry needs experts like you, specialists with seaworthy engineering know-how.

This bachelor’s degree programme is designed to take eight semesters until graduation. Two of which – the first and the last semester – you will spend at sea. If you have completed maritime training already and you can provide the necessary certificates, this can count towards your studies so that your time studying is reduced to six semesters. (For more information check the How do I apply section.)

In the first two semesters of your studies here on campus you will tackle engineering basics together with students of the Mechanical Engineering for Ships major. You will study maths as well as electrical engineering and engineering mechanics. Once you have mastered these basics, we will prepare you for your position on board. This is why the curriculum includes modules on HR management and leadership as well as legal basics. But of course engineering continues to play a major role throughout your studies. You can look forward to modules on installation engineeringmachine dynamics and combustion engines.

In the seventh semester of your studies – which will also be the last one on campus – you will write your bachelor’s thesis. You have two months to do this and you’re welcome to work on a topic in cooperation with a company from the maritime industry.

At the end of your studies you will be awarded the title Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.). As we designed the programme so that our graduates meet the requirements of international seafaring standards, you will be qualified to apply for your license with the Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (BSH).


Structural components
Industry partners
Internship/Workplace experience
Laboratory training
Practical/Field work

ISCED Categories

Project management
Maritime economy
Policy and governance
Marine and maritime law
Physical and chemical oceanography
Scientific modelling
Naval engineering
Oil, gas and mineral resources
Near- and offshore constructions
Maritime security