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Offshore Slip Joint Design



Course format On-site
Datum 2023-11-07 - 2023-11-07
Tijdsduur 1 day
Cost 1050 € + VAT

This course provides you with insight into the use of contracts in the development of offshore wind farms. Important decisions about contract management are made prior to the construction phase. Therefore, this course will address contract design in all the main phases of a wind farm’s lifecycle. From project initiation, via design, procurement and construction, up to and including operations & maintenance, you will learn what is important from a contractual point of view.

The course will focus on the possible decisions you might make about a ‘Form of Contract’ e.g. FIDIC Yellow Book. It will highlight the effects of these decisions and guide you through the most important factors to consider when making your strategic contractual choices. At the end of this course, you will have insight into the most commonly used forms of contracting and know why they should be used in the most important phases of the lifecycle of an offshore wind farm.


The course is specifically designed for structural engineers, or other occupations (e.g. tender/package managers) with a solid engineering background, who wish to gain an understanding of how to design a slip joint connection for an offshore wind turbine.

Learning outcomes

  • Learn about the thorough development history of the slip joint
  • Understand how and where to use slip joint connections
  • Learn the most important lessons learned of the past development projects
  • Become acquainted with the slip joint design brief
  • Being able to perform a slip joint design for FEED study purposes
  • Learn about slip joint installation and removal experiences


ISCED Categories

Offshore en hernieuwbare energie