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Master (ISCED 2011 level 7)


Tijdsduur 4 semesters
Entry level Bachelor
Cost About 250€/year

The program’s curriculum covers all of the fields involved in transforming the energy sector. Numerous simulations have indicated that our ecosystem cannot sustain itself unless we are able to reduce carbon dioxide emissions fourfold by 2050. Experts are aware of the fields in which changes must be made to achieve this, but in many cases the technologies required are still in developmental stages. Innovation will be required at several levels, from materials to energy systems and system components.
This master's degree is part of the graduate program in Engineering (ISAI).

Application procedure

Application through online platform:

Learning outcomes

The goal of this program is t- provide students expert command of the energy sector and the challenges of decarbonization. Students will become proficient in measuring the system-wide impacts of technological innovations in the energy sector, gain working knowledge of conversion systems, and will master the methods, tools, and criteria required for informed decision-making.
• In the M1 year, students will strengthen their foundations in the core disciplines required before specializing in the M2 year. M1 coursework takes the diversity of student backgrounds into full account.
• In the M2 year, students will specialize, gaining the dual expertise necessary to provide fresh perspectives to problem sets and to drive innovation.


Bachelor's degree (licence) in related field or equivalent diploma in a relevant discipline.

• Required at least Advanced English proficiency (C1, C2)

ISCED Categories

Offshore en hernieuwbare energie