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Offshore Installation Manager (OIM)



Course format On-site
Datum 2023-08-01 - 2023-08-11
Tijdsduur 11 days

This course offers comprehensive training in all major aspects of OIM duties, within a planned and structured timeframe, and will enhance the awareness and understanding of Offshore Installation Managers with reference to their responsibilities, legislative duties and accountabilities.

This course is on-demand as from 5 candidates.


  • Current and forthcoming legislation
  • Good and safe working practices
  • Personnel transfer operations
  • Safe ballast operation and accounting of change in deck loads
  • Construction of MOU
  • Stability of Offshore structures
  • Relationship between statutory requirements and safety cases
  • Techniques in safety management implementation
  • Emergency procedure and contingency plans
  • Safety and security of MOU personnel
  • Safe loading and stowage of goods, including dangerous goods
  • Forecast weather and oceanographic conditions
  • Maintain MOU safe for transit, station keeping, mooring
  • Prevention of pollution and pollution fighting
  • Industrial operations as they relate to maritime safety, including appreciation of the interrelationship between maritime operations and specific industrial activities

Course enrolment is open to everyone. However, endorsement by the competent authorities might be subject to additional requirements. 



ISCED Categories

Marien and maritiem recht
Near- en offshore infrastructuur
Maritieme veiligheid