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Рибовъдство и аквакултури (Fishery and Aquaculture )

Bachelor (ISCED 2011 level 6)


Cost State subsidy regular training - 700 BGN ; Paid training - 7076 BGN for 2021

  The technologist in aquaculture is a highly qualified specialist in diverse directions of the aquaculture – pisciculture, mollusca production, crustacea and aquatic plants production. The technologist in aquaculture has an experience to perform a consultancy services for aqua production; hydrobion reproduction, recreation activities, hydrobion farm management; fishing activities and hydrobion population evaluation. He is able to participate in the financial management of the farms, in the aqua production planning and optimizing.

     The students who have graduated the major will be trained to work as a technologist in an industrial aqua production, as a specialist in the Executive agency in Fishing and Aquaculture; as a professional in the system of the hunting-fishing activities; as a lecturer at the Agricultural Tech school and institution of higher education; as a specialist working in aquariums and zoos; as a research associate in institutions.

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