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Sinop Üniversitesi, Lisansüstü Eğitim Enstitüsü, Su Ürünleri Avlama ve İşleme Teknolojisi Doktora Programı (Sinop University, Institute of Graduate Studies, Fisheries Hunting and Processing Technology Doctorate Program )

PhD (ISCED 2011 level 8)


Tijdsduur 8 semesters
Cost no fees

At the Higher Education General Assembly meeting dated 11.07.2007; With the establishment of Sinop University, it was decided to transfer the Masters and Ph.D. Programs of Fisheries Hunting and Processing Technology Department of Science and Technology of Sinop University to the Institute of Science and Technology of Samsun Ondokuz Mayıs University.

In the our department, 5 Professors, 4 Associate Professors, and 2 Assistant Professors are working, The aim of the course is to educate academically capable experts who are capable of conduct independent research in the field of fisheries hunting and processing and to interpret and interpret scientific events with a broad and deep perspective. The program aims to develop skills in both hunting and processing areas to improve themselves by conducting research, interpretation and development, and to publish their conclusions and ideas on scientific platforms verbally or in writing.

In addition to being able to work in public institutions such as the Ministry of Food, Agriculture, and Livestock, Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs, Ministry of Environment and Urbanization and Municipalities as well as fishery production and processing facilities in case fishermen are required to obtain the necessary points from KPSS, they can make a career. 

Structurele componenten
Laboratory training
Practical/Field work
Research Project

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