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Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats other than Fast Rescue Boats



Course format On-site
Datum 2022-01-03 - 2022-01-06
Tijdsduur 4 Consecutive days
Cost €1075

The training is intended to coordinate the evacuation of rescue vessels in the event of a ship being abandoned.

  • keeping the vessel operational
  • take command on board a lifeboat during launch and afterwards
  • control of the engine of a lifeboat
  • dealing with survivors and lifeboat after abandoned ship
  • practical use of lifeboats, including launching and sailing
  • dealing with communication equipment, location beacons and emergency signals
  • first aid to survivors
  • evaluation

The course is given in Dutch of English.


The participant is in the possession of:

  • a valid certificate of medical fitness
  • a valid CoC according to STCW (incl. Manila Amendments)
  • a valid Basic Training or BST refresher certificate
  • at least 18 years old
  • have no less of 6 months sailing time
  • good health and physically able to participate in the practical exercises (confined spaces and heat load, swimming)

Application procedure

Please refer to the DRTC website (More information) for additional course dates and application.

Learning outcomes

Those who have successfully completed the course will have knowledge and skills in taking the lead in preparing, embarking and launching a rescue vessel as stated in the STCW ‘rescue vessels crew’.

After successful completion of the course the participant will receive the certificate:

Proficiency in Survival Craft other than Fast Rescue Boats Refresher, STCW reg. VI/2-1, Section A VI/2 Table A VI/2-1


ISCED Categories

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