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Course format On-site
Datum 2020-10-15 - 2021-01-22
Tijdsduur 14 weeks, 4 hours per week

The students intended learning outcomes (knowledge, skills and competences)
To promote the individual development of the competences of: Literacy and Communication: oral and written comprehension of simple sentences. To respond with limited vocabulary to simple questions and greetings. To ask simple questions even without continuity. To give orders and make simple reservations. To fill out forms with personal information. To be able to interact in a simple way. Interculturality: recognition of the importance of linguistic and cultural diversity. To encourage reciprocal understanding and tolerance and respect for cultural identity and diversity. Autonomy in learning: autonomous and individual management in the work to be done. Establishment of learning criteria.


FUNCTIONAL: salutation, farewell; introduction: interests, everyday; information; prices, schedules, weather; dates; apologize, accept and refuse; express intention / conviction; phone calls; restaurant orders; affirmative and negative. LEXICAL: countries; greet and farewell; courtesy formulas; professions; languages; nr; habits and customs (food, time, etc.); date; hour; money; personal and professional daily life; family; free time / interests; menus. GRAMMAR: pron. personal; pres. denial; question; def. and indef. Art.s; prep .; contractions of prep. with art.s; possessive; vowels, nasal, diphthongs; R and S consonants; being+to+inf; regular verbs; pronominal verbs; masc. and fem. names +
adjectives; pres. indicative of irregular verbs; distinction being and being; be; sing. and pl. names and adjectives; going+inf; accentuation and punctuation; reflex pronominal conjug.; comparative; have+to; indefinite; statements.


Teaching methodologies (including evaluation)
The teaching and learning process will be guided by the principles of active learning methodology. Ongoing assessment requires the completion of at least one assessment per language skill (listening, reading, speaking, and writing), each worth 25% of the final grade. Students who obtain a grade of 9,5 in each of the language skills and have attended 75% of the contact hours are exempt from the ¿Época Normal¿ exam. Students who have complied with the attendance requirement but have a grade below a 9,5 on the assessment of one or more skills, must retake the exam for the skills which they have not passed. All enrolled students who have not passed the previously mentioned assessments or have not complied with the attendance requirement, will be admitted to the ¿Época de Recurso¿ exam. The procedure for calculation of the final grade will be identical to the that of ¿Época Normal¿ exam.


ISCED Categories

Persoonlijke vaardigheden en communicatie