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Diploma in Fisheries (Diploma in Fisheries )

Short-cycle tertiary education (ISCED 2011 level 5)


Tijdsduur 4 semesters
Cost Has to be consulted

For all courses, an hour lecture in a week will be rated as one credit hour. Practical classes which usually require 3 hours per week in the laboratory or field are also rated as one credit hour. As such, a course with 3 credit hours.

Structurele componenten

Application procedure

Grant opportunities

Two of the below scholarship (in link) Biasiswa Tuanku Canselor (BTC) and Biasiswa Universiti Malaysia Terengganu (BUMT) are considered as prestigious scholarships. However, the scholarship are solely  meant for local students who have excel in their educations and plan to pursue their postgraduate studies at UMT. 



i. Fees/Debt

Students who still owe or do not have a financial guarantee are not allowed to register.

ii. Information Update

Students are responsible to update their personal information from time to time and inform the school about the modification for record purposes.

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