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Bachelor Of Applied Science (Maritime Technology) With Honours (Bachelor Of Applied Science (Maritime Technology) With Honours )

Bachelor (ISCED 2011 level 6)


Tijdsduur 8 semesters
Cost 2,500 USD/year for Foreigns

Maritime Technology is an area focusing on the application of technology, operations, and systems used in the maritime, coastal and offshore engineering sectors. The programme is designed to produce graduates who will develop knowledge, contribute expertise to serve and lead shipping, shipbuilding, oil and gas companies, and government agencies related to the maritime industry locally and abroad.

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Grant opportunities

To do so contact them in the following web page: http://fpm.umt.edu.my/online-form/

Learning outcomes


  • Marine Engineering Technologist
  • Construction & Maintenance Engineering Technologist
  • QC Officer
  • Marine Surveyor
  • Port Officer
  • Project Planner
  • Application Engineering Technologist
  • Technical / Sales Executive
  • Lecturer / Educator
  • Science Officer / Researcher


  1. STPM: Obtain C (2.00) in one of the following subjects: Mathematics / Physics.
  2. Matriculation/Foundation: Obtain C (2.00) in one of the following subjects: Mathematics / Physics / Engineering subjects.
  3. Diploma: Obtain minimum CGPA of 3.00 in a related recognized field.
  4. A minimum of level 2 (Band 2) in the Malaysian University English Test (MUET)

ISCED Categories

Offshore en hernieuwbare energie
Mariene Ruimtelijke Planning