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MSc Environmental Consultancy

Master (ISCED 2011 level 7)


Cost Full-time: £7,800 (UK/EU members); £14,800 (International members) or Part-time: £450 for UK/EU members

Conserve our environment for future generations – work within the sector on an eight-week placement to reduce human impacts and provide solutions to today's environmental challenges across the globe. This MSc programme helps launch your career, giving you the skills and knowledge required for a job in the environment sector. Maximise your career prospects by learning the latest desk, laboratory and field techniques used in the management and assessment of environmental impact.

Our MSc is designed by practising professionals from within the consultancy sector and reflects all of the key skills you need to thrive as a professional within the field of environmental consultancy and management. 

Learn from our environmental management expertise in areas such as data handling, environmental impact assessments including field survey work, environmental systems, professional practice, legislation and regulation as well as geographical information systems which are a key skill within the sector.

The MSc comprises a 12-week and 7-week period of taught modules with an 8-week environmental sector work placement and 18-week dissertation period. Practising consultants give an insight into opportunities within the environmental sector. All core modules reflect the outputs of the industry, readying you for your future career.

Module choice, placement organisation and dissertation project tailor your MSc to provide the strongest possible CV with which to gain the job you seek. Our close relationship with employers within the sector via our work placements ensures the MSc is fully up to date to provide you with the best possible for starting your career. 

Structurele componenten
Industry partners
Internship/Workplace experience
Laboratory training
Practical/Field work
Research Project

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