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Masters Programme in Field Archaeology on Land and Under the Sea

Master (ISCED 2011 level 7)


Tijdsduur 3 semesters
Cost €5.125

The University of Cyprus has launched a new Master's degree programme in Field Archaeology on Land and Under the Sea. Its aim is to provide advanced knowledge and research training opportunities in a dynamic learning environment, combining theory with hands on experience in the field and in the laboratory.

This programme sets excellent circumstances for young archaeologists to deepen and extend their training, and  to pursue their careers in diverse domains such as academic research and public archaeology.

The programme is addressed to:

  • Archaeologists already working in the public sector (Archaeological Services or in Museums), who need to optimize their professional performance in various aspects of fieldwork.
  • Young archaeologists who wish to enhance their training and experience, in order to pursue a career in the public or private sector.
  • Young researchers who need to expand their fieldwork activities or be trained in new/ specific methods and techniques.
  • Non-archaeology graduates from domains that are closely linked to archaeology, who wish to become familiar with archaeological fieldwork.
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Mariene archeologie