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Pilot: Mind the Gap

organised by RIGHT
02 september 2019 - 31 maart 2021
Kristianstad, SE
Organized by Skåne region and IUC Syd

The manufacturing industry face a large skills gap, but few companies are able to identify their future need of skills. Mind the Gap is a tool for SME management to identify the skills needed in the future, based on their strategic business plan. 

Mind the Gap is a workshop tool, a material that will address the skill gaps facing SME manufactory companies in a long-term perspective.  The pilot project is addressed to management of SME manufactory companies in Skåne. During the pilot, the tool will be evaluated after workshops performed at 20-25 SMEs. The future vision is for the method, workshop material and results to be transferred to other Right-regions. 

More information will follow soon.