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Bachelor of Science in Fisheries

Bachelor (ISCED 2011 level 6)


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Bachelor of Science in Fisheries is a four-year degree program which revolves on scientific theories and practices in fisheries management, environmental management, and multi-sectorial approach to coastal management. It further educates students on the proper methods to enhance the production of fisheries and other aquatic resources.

The BS in Fisheries provides students with a strong scientific background on inland fisheries, marine fisheries and fish processing. It includes topics in natural resources management, interactions of the physics, chemistry, and biology of aquatic ecosystems.

The following sets of objectives describe what graduates are expected to attain within few years after graduation:

  1. able to teach, conceptualize, think critically, solve problems and recognize the limitations of science and its implication to everyday life;
  2. know where and how to derive and synthesize information to be able to make an informed decision;
  3. execute natural and social protocols in either laboratory/fieldwork research settings;
  4. perform basic mathematical and statistical computations and formula derivations;
  5. have adequate technical writing skills and effective oral communication abilities;
  6. assist in the conduct of research


 Must be a high school or Alternative Learning System (ALS) graduate.

  • College Admission Test: You need to pass the college entrance exam with a specified rating set by the college.
  • Documentary Requirements:
    • Original High School Report Card (Form 138)
    • ALS Certificate (if applicable)
    • Birth Certificate (NSO/PSA security paper)
    • Certificate of Good Moral Character (from the Principal or Guidance Counselor)
    • Police Clearance
    • Passport Size Picture (white background with nametag, 2pcs)
    • Notice of Health Clearance for enrolment (issued by the CNSC Medical Clinic)
    • Chest X-ray with result or reading and not more than 6 months
    • White Folder (Long Size)
  • Interview: must pass the interview conducted by the college.

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