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Bachelor in Maritime Studies (Port and Marine Transportation)

Bachelor (ISCED 2011 level 6)


Tijdsduur 6 semesters
Cost Free

Maritime transport is considered as an active field that has an influential role in the economy and security of nations. Ports system is an integral part of the maritime transport that contributes to the efficiency of cargo handling and movement of ships. Ports are an important hub of wealth and national economic development, so the Faculty of Maritime Studies at King Abdul-Aziz University includes among its Departments, the Department of ports and maritime transport, which provides outstanding scientific and training program designed in accordance with the provisions of the University and in compliance with the requirements of the International Maritime bodies and organizations, and grants its graduates the Bachelor of Science degree in ports and maritime transport. The study in this program is based on several key subjects, such as: (1) Maritime management, economics and statistics, (2) Regulations and laws of maritime transport and insurance, (3) Operation and management of ports and maritime shipping, (4) Maritime transport economics and ports planning, and (5) Logistics theories. The students receive during their period of study a practical training on the operation of global ports abroad.


Education and training of high-quality in the field of Ports and Maritime Transport, which contributes to the rehabilitation of the National Human Resources with high efficiency to support the economy and homeland security, and to support the position of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the International forums.


Highly efficient and qualified graduates in the field of Ports and Maritime Transport to meet the needs of the development plans and the labour market in the field of Ports and Maritime Transport.

Department Goals:

  • Graduating specialised cadres who are scientifically and professionally qualified in maritime transport and in the management and operation of seaports.
  • Conducting scientific researches and providing specialised technical consultancy and courses to all governmental and commercial sectors.
  • Dissemination of knowledge, culture and awareness with respect to the management of ports and maritime transport.
  • Providing opportunities for postgraduate studies for the graduates of the department and graduates from other specialties related to ports and maritime transport according to the University regulations.
  • Establishment and development of a regional as well as International Centre of excellence for Marine feasibility studies can contribute in collaboration with international parties in examining and activating current and future projects for maritime transport.
  • Reliance on training, in accordance with International Standards, on methods of operation of ports and loading & unloading equipment in specialised stations.
Structurele componenten
Summer schools
Internship/Workplace experience
Practical/Field work
Language training
Research Project

ISCED Categories

Persoonlijke vaardigheden en communicatie
Maritieme economie
Logistiek en bedrijfsvoering scheepsvaart
Fysische en chemische oceanografie