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Licenciatura em Biotecnologia (Undergraduate in Biotechnology )

Bachelor (ISCED 2011 level 6)

Portuguese, Portugal

Tijdsduur 6 semesters
Cost enrolment fee: general contigent: 0 euros; international students: 500 euros; tuition fee: general contigent: 871,52 euros; international students: 3000 euros

The degree in Biotechnology intends to give students solid scientific and technical expertise and comprehension in order to integrate the labor market for biotechnology-based companies (food processing, marine, pharmaceutical, environmental, or similar), as well as generate interest in pursuing studies at the 2nd cycle. Its multidisciplinary nature, including in the area of management, contributes to the development of skills that enable the development of entrepreneurial initiatives, as well as strengthen the link between applied research and commercialization of new products.

A degree in Biotechnology aims to confer students with autonomy, critical thinking, communication skills and creativity, allowing them to successfully design and develop any professional project or scientific and technological research in the field of Biotechnology.

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