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B.S. in Marine Sciences Oceanography Track (B.S. in Marine Sciences Oceanography Track )

Bachelor (ISCED 2011 level 6)


Cost TUITION $37,390

Program Overview

Kick off your research by strolling down to our dock, boarding one of our research vessels, and sailing to our privately owned island. Our seaside campus, located where the Saco River converges with the Atlantic Ocean, is the ideal place to earn your Marine Sciences degree, introducing you to all facets of life in oceans, freshwater, and estuaries. Majors can choose between two tracks: Marine Biology or Oceanography.

Why UNE for Marine Sciences

Unlike other universities with satellite campuses, our location on the scenic shores of coastal Maine gives you access to a 3,500-mile living laboratory where you can learn and explore — all within steps from the residence halls.

For more information regarding the Oceanography curriculum check this link -https://www.une.edu/cas/marine/undergraduate-programs/marine-sciences-major/marine-sciences-curriculum


Oceanography Track Curriculum 26

MAR 105/105L - Biology I: Ecology/Evolution of Marine Organisms

MAR 106/106L - Biology II: Cellular/Molecular

MAR 250/250L - Marine Biology

MAR 270/270L - Oceanography

MAR 366 - Advanced Oceanography I: Biological & Geological Oceanography

MAR 368 - Advanced Oceanography II: Physical & Chemical Oceanography

MAR 325 - Marine Science Speaker Series

MAR 400-level course

Program Required Cognate Courses 39 - 40

MAT 150 - Statistics for Life Sciences


MAT 190 - Calculus I


MAT 195 - Calculus II

MAT 225 - Computer Programming with MAT LAB3

CHE 110/110L - General Chemistry I


CHE 111/111L - General Chemistry II

CHE 210/210L/210S - Organic Chemistry I


CHE 211/211L/211S - Organic Chemistry II


CHE 210/210L/210S - Organic Chemistry I


CHE 310/310L - Fundamentals of Biochemistry

PHY 110 - General Physics I w/Lab


PHY 111 - General Physics II w/Lab

Structurele componenten
Laboratory training
Practical/Field work

ISCED Categories

Fysische en chemische oceanografie