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Animal Production Systems

Bachelor (ISCED 2011 level 6)


Cost 47 179 South African Rand

The Animal Production Systems program encompasses a 4-year bachelor's program, which culminates in the awarding of a BScAgric degree in the field of Animal Science. Animal Science is considered as the scientific study of the nutrition, breeding, physiology and production of animals.


The programme covers an integration of knowledge of the fields of animal physiology, monogastric and ruminant nutrition, animal breeding, production and product quality, ecology, biochemistry, as well as the management of animal production systems for increased production and production efficiency in an environmentally friendly, sustainable and cost-efficient manner. The first year of study is devoted to introducing the students to basic subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Biology, which will establish the foundation for the remainder of the 4-year program. Students graduating with this degree will be prepared to work as consultants, entrepreneurs, technicians, agricultural extension officers, product development managers, or production managers in animal science and related animal science industries. Species that are covered in the program include dairy and beef cattle, wool and mutton sheep, poultry, ostriches and wildlife, and freshwater and marine aquaculture species.


The overall program is divided into the following fields of study, with the majors indicated in brackets:

  • Animal Science (Animal Science)
  • Animal Science with Agronomy (Animal Science)
  • Animal Science with Aquaculture (Animal Science)
  • Agricultural Economics with Animal Science (Agricultural Economics)

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