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Economia Azul e Circular (Blue and Circular Economy )

Master (ISCED 2011 level 7)

Portugués, Portugal

Duración 4 semesters
Nivel de entrada Bachelor
Costo National studen: 1.140€/year International student: 3.000€/year

The Master in Blue and Circular Economy will address, in addition to the issues already mentioned, existing and innovative solutions, and examples of interactions between academia, industry and official entities that allow the promotion of blue economic development and coastal communities, bio products and biomaterials that create systems that tend to be free of waste. Business models based on the circular economy will also be developed, promoting innovative solutions for the blue economy that can contribute to socioeconomic development.

Oportunidades de financiamiento/becas

The scholarship is an annual cash benefit to share the cost of attending a course or carrying out a mandatory professional internship, awarded on a non-refundable basis and in the respective academic year, whenever the student does not have a adequate minimum of financial resources.

Resultados del aprendizaje

  • Apply new theories of change from a linear model to a circular economy
  • Conceive, in the context of the circular economy, more sustainable products
  • Master concepts associated with valuing ecosystem services and natural capital
  • Understand the importance of restoring marine ecosystems for the sustainable development of the blue economy
  • Recognize the environmental impacts of products and processes and their importance to the economy
  • Evaluate the technical possibilities of innovation processes and co-creation of industrial systems, community services and primary production to minimize environmental impacts
  • Adopt and innovate new technical solutions to develop the economic and industrial sector, promoting the circular economy
  • Understand the importance of the circular economy for the sustainability of the oceans
  • Understand the context of the blue and circular economy at national and European levels


  • Holders of a bachelor's degree or equivalent in the area of Biology, Biotechnology, Marine Sciences, Economics, Management, Engineering, Tourism, and related areas
  • Holders of a foreign higher academic degree awarded following a 1st cycle of studies organized in accordance with the principles of the Bologna Process, in the areas of paragraph 1
  • Holders of a foreign higher academic degree recognized as satisfying the objectives of the bachelor's degree in the areas of paragraph 1, by the Technical-Scientific Council of ESTM and/or ESTG
  • Holders of an academic, scientific or professional curriculum that is recognized as attesting the ability to carry out this cycle of studies by the Technical-Scientific Council of ESTM and/or ESTG
  • Entrepreneurs in the area of the blue and circular economy
  • Graduates seeking specialization in the field of blue and circular economy
  • Entrepreneurs, managers and technicians from Public Bodies related to the blue economy

Categorías CINE (ISCED)

Energía renovable marina