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Engenharia do Ambiente (Environmental engineering )

Doctorado (ISCED 2011 nivel 8)

Portugués, Portugal

Duración 6 semesters
Costo National students: 697 €/year; International students: 1500 €/year

The Environmental Engineering Degree course at ESTGV provides its graduates with the skills to develop professional environmental engineering activities in terms of planning, design, management, operation, maintenance, control and monitoring of systems, as well as preservation, conservation and recovery of the environment. environment.

Oportunidades de financiamiento/becas

The IPV has School Social Action Services (SAS) designed to ensure the functions of school social action.
Thus, it is up to the SAS to manage direct support, in the form of study grants and emergency aid, and also manage indirect support, such as access to food and accommodation, medical, psychological and social support services and sports activities and cultural.


Entrance exams:

  • Mathematics A (19) and Physics and Chemistry (07)
  • Mathematics A (19) and Biology and Geology (02)

Categorías CINE (ISCED)

Tecnología de protección del medio ambiente
Energía renovable marina
Mecánica y profesiones afines a la metalistería