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Икономика и маркетинг на туризма (Economics and Marketing of Tourism )

pregrado universitario (ISCED 2011 nivel 6)


Duración 8 semesters
Costo 1125 EUR per year for 2021/22 academic year

In the Bachelor’s degree programme in Economics and Marketing of Tourism the educational process is organized in modules. The first module consists of courses which provide fundamental knowledge and wide-range seminars in economics and management. The second module builds up complex knowledge and skills for reaching economic goals of tourist firms applying effective marketing approaches for using favourable geographic, climatic, cultural, historical and other tourism resources of the country. The training focuses on the most contemporary trends in management and marketing of tour operators, tour agencies, hotel companies and tourism destinations, on alternative kinds of tourism, management of quality and sustainable tourism development. The third module includes optional training courses which give the students the opportunity to build up additional competence in compliance with their interests and professional applicability. The graduates with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Marketing of Tourism acquire professional qualification knowledge and skills and will be able to organize and take part in the marketing, production, investment and intermediary activities of tourist firms; to work in tourist information centers, in the administration and management of tourist destinations and to establish and develop their own tourist business – tour agents, tour operators, family hotels, guest houses etc.

Componentes estructurales
Socios de la industria
Prácticas profesionales/experiencia laboral
Componente internacional
Trabajo práctico/ de campo
Entrenamiento de idioma

Categorías CINE (ISCED)

Turismo marino y costero