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Управління судновими технічними системами і комплексами (Ship technical system and complex operation )

Doctorado (ISCED 2011 nivel 8)


Duración 8 semesters
Costo The tuition fee is calculated by multiplying the number of credits by the corresponding fee

Objects of study: technical systems and ship complexes (ship mechanical systems, electrical equipment and electronic equipment and control systems, radio communication systems); methods of operation of ships and their systems; organization of crew work and care for people on ships; shipping safety systems.

Employment on ships and enterprises of river and sea transport, in particular, the following positions:
- mechanic (ship), mechanic of refrigeration units (ship), senior mechanic, mechanic of the port fleet, mechanic of ship systems, mechanical engineer of the fleet linear, mechanical engineer of the fleet group;
- equipment complete engineer, specialized fleet engineer, ship engineer

Componentes estructurales
Entrenamiento de embarcaciones
Prácticas profesionales/experiencia laboral
Componente internacional
Entrenamiento de laboratorio
Trabajo práctico/ de campo

Categorías CINE (ISCED)

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