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Advertize your training on marinetraining

Are you organizing or do you know of a training event related to marine/maritime sciences, then add it to to advertise it to a global audience.

  • Register for an account

    go to and register for an account.

  • Account approval

    You will get a confirmation email, containing a link to set your password

  • Log in

    You should now be able to log in at (the first time, after setting your password you are automatically logged in)

  • Go to dashboard

    Go to (there should also be an extra button in the top menu)

  • Add a record

    On your dashboard you can find buttons to add training records (programmes or short trainings) along with manual with a description of the fields we use to describe a training record

  • Content approval

    As a new user your records will be checked and only approved if appropriate for marinetraining. To submit a record for appoval set the "save as" field to submitted (instead of draft) and click the save button. records saved as draft are considered unfinished and are not checked for approval.