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Master in Marine Power Plant Operation and Maintenance

Master (ISCED 2011 level 7)


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The Engineering faculty has been functioning since the Academy was founded. Nowadays this faculty is a powerful educational, scientific complex, capable to train highly-qualified ship’s engineers. The level of these engineers corresponds to international requirements. It is provided by highly-qualified teaching staff. There are 28 laboratories up-to-date-equipped with facilities and simulators at this faculty.

The faculty trains: bachelors of ships’ power engineering, the term of training – 4 years; specialists in control of ships’ power plants, the term of training – 1,5 years; masters of ships’ power plants, the term of training – 1,5 years.

The Engineering faculty includes the following departments: Fleet Operation and Maintenance; Ship’s Power Plants; Ship’s Refrigerating and Auxiliary Plants and Systems and their Operation; Ship’s Heat-power Engineering; Safety of Life at Sea; Theoretical Mechanics; Technology of Materials and Ship’s Repair; English Language in Ships` Engineering Department.

Highly qualified teachers, engineers, instructors, the majority of which have practical maritime experience work at chairs, laboratories, training centers. More than 60% of teachers have academic degrees of candidates and doctors of science and academic statuses assistant professors and professors.

Teachers and post-graduates of the faculty conduct research work connected with the promotion of efficiency of ships’ power plants control, the results of which are published in collected articles “Ships’ Power Plants”, accredited by Higher Accreditation Committee. 3-4 Ph. D. theses are defended at the faculty annually. Graduates of this faculty can work as ship’s universal engineers of all levels and on all types of vessels. They can operate and maintain power plants of different capacity. They can work at shipyards on offshore rigs; at shipping companies; at developer and scientific organizations; at the appropriate higher educational institutions.

Since 2005 training of ship’s engineers and mechanics has been conducted in compliance with Bologna Declaration and credit-modular system of educational process’ organization, which helps to upgrade the quality of training, to enter the European space of higher education and world labor market.

Proceso de aplicación

Foreigners having a complete secondary education and without restrictions on racial characteristics, color of the skin, political, religious and other beliefs, sex, ethnic and social origin, financial status, place of residence, language and other features can be admitted for studying at the university. The University admits foreign citizens to the full-time form of education for obtaining of following education degrees: a bachelor’s and master’s degrees provided that they undergo medical professional selection at “Odessa Maritime Academy” National University. Persons who have not undergone a medical examination or whose health state does not meet the medical requirements defined will not be permitted to participate in the competition. The course of training for foreign citizens in the Academy performed on a contractual basis in Russian and in accordance with the curricula for the chosen specialty.

University entrants who cannot speak Ukrainian or Russian are provided with a 10-month mandatory preparatory course of training for studying of language and special terminology and to learn more about the history of Ukraine, the traditions of the university, as well as the consolidation of knowledge in general subjects. Graduation exams after graduation from the preparatory department of Odessa Maritime Academy shall be considered introductory ones for the admission to the first year. Graduates of preparatory departments of other universities of Ukraine, as well as foreign citizens who can speak Ukrainian/Russian shall be interviewed in Ukrainian/Russian languages, mathematics and physics at the time of their admittance to the university.

Terms of course of training shall be as follows: for a bachelor’s degree – 4 years, a master’s degree – 1,5 years. The total term of study is 5,5 years. To obtain the Master’s degree can be admitted the undergraduates who have already obtained the Bachelor’s degree and who passed final examinations along with an examination in English required for obtaining the Master’s degree.  The graduates from other higher educational institutions should pass the entrance examinations in the major and English to pursue studies for obtaining the Master’s degree.

To receive an entry visa to Ukraine (from foreign countries, as well as from Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan), you need to receive an invitation to study and for this purpose you will need to submit to the academy or its partner company the information as follows: surname and given name, the birthdate (i.e. the day, month and year of birth), series and national passport number, a citizenship and the name of the country issuing the entry visa. The invitation to study will be issued to the university entrant personally or to a partner company from the 1st of June of the current year.

For admission to the university it is necessary to submit the following documents starting from August 15:

  • a questionnaire of the standard form;
  • an international passport and its copy;
  • original and a copy of the complete secondary education document and supplement to it;
  • health certificate certified by an official health authority of the country from which the alien arrived. It should be issued not later than two months before entering Ukraine for a study;
  • original and copy of the birth certificate;
  • 12 color photographs in size of 3.5 x 4.5 cm;
  • insurance policies (issued at the university after enrollment, as well as during the submission the documents for the extension of the period of stay in Ukraine).

The passport, educational document, health certificate and birth certificate must be certified by a notary public and translated into Ukrainian in accordance with the legislation of the country of issue, as well as legalized in accordance with the defined procedure by the Consulate of Ukraine located in the respective country.

The course of training starts from September 1. In all cases the University does not cover the costs arisen due to registration, issuance of visas, accommodation and meals, travelling of university entrances to the territory of Ukraine and abroad.

The University has no obligations whatsoever with the arrival and stay of a family of students in Ukraine and does not provide them with a housing. Foreign students have the right to be provided with a place in the academy’s dormitory and may participate in social, sportive and cultural life of the Academy, as well as to do research work.

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