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Marine Technology and Design



Formato del curso On-site
Fecha 2021-01-04 - 2021-06-25

For those who want a thorough introduction to themes in marine technology and want to use this competence for design of marine structures (as for example marine vessels, oil and gas platforms or offshore wind turbines), this course is important for their future career.


The course gives a thorough introduction to and understanding of hydrodynamics, linear wave theory and calculation of on wave forces on marine structures and pipelines. Both static and dynamic evaluations are carried out and extreme values are being calculated. Furthermore an introduction to wind and wind loads is given. Principles for the dimensioning of structures are being discussed. Furthermore, stability of floating structures is discussed. Realistic design of fixed space frame offshore structures is being discussed.


MAT200 Mathematical Methods 2, STA100 Probability and Statistics 1

Recommended prerequisites

OFF515 Offshore Field Development

Resultados del aprendizaje

Give the students a thorough introduction to selected themes in marine technology by:

  • Giving the students an understanding of waves and forces from waves on marine structures
  • Giving the students an introduction to wind and forces from wind on structures exposed to wind load
  • Giving the students an introduction to analysis of dynamic effects related to marine structures
  • Illustrating principles for dimensioning of structures from idea generation to recirculation of materials
  • Giving the students an understanding of how to control the floating stability of marine floating structures
  • Giving the students an understanding of technical solutions for use in the marine environment
  • Giving the students an introduction to realistic design of marine structures


Categorías CINE (ISCED)

Energía renovable marina
Construcciones cerca de la costa y en mar abierto