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Scientific Communication and Research Methods



Formato del curso On-site
Fecha 2020-08-10 - 2020-12-18

This course offers practical training in basic scientific methods and communication skills for master students in aquaculture. It covers introductory experimental design and data analysis, and emphasizes development of skills for efficient retrival, critical review and management of academic information.


Admission to the course follows the admission requirements of the study program Master in Biosciences.

Recommended prior knowledge

Introductory courses in mathematics, statistics and computer programming.

Resultados del aprendizaje


The student should:

  • have practical knowledge of relevant scientific methods and communication
  • understand common statistical methods and the general assumptions underlying both parametric and non-parametric analyses
  • understand the ethical challenges involved in communicating research and world-wide dissemination of new scientific results


The student should:

  • have the necessary skills for efficient retrieval, critical review and management of academic information
  • be able to use relevant reference tools, presentation techniques, and demonstrate scholarly writing skills
  • be able to participate in informed quantitative assessments of published results from aquaculture or marine ecology

General competence

The student should:

  • be able to apply basic research methods and academic communication skills of relevance for the completion of his/her master project
  • be able to exchange views and experiences with others involved in aquaculture or marine ecology research and thereby contribute to the continued development of good research practices


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